A four-time Emmy Award winning composer, Ed Dzubak heads up the music production studio Parkhill Publishing at home in Redding, Connecticut writing and composing music for film, television and multimedia. Schooled in jazz and a graduate of Berklee College of Music, Ed is a multi-instrumentalist, proficient on piano, guitar, bass and drums.

After graduating college, Ed entered the world of advertising and jingle writing, which led to the television series “Twice a Woman,” featuring reporter John Stossel. Soon afterwards he completed a series of children’s books on tape for Grosset and Dunlap and then in 1990 established his own studio where he could have greater creative control over writing, producing and recording. He began writing for the daytime drama “Another World” in 1991, which led to his first Emmy.

In the late 90’s Ed began a relationship with New York University’s Graduate Film Program, which led to his introduction and now over ten year association with director Douglas Buck. The two began working together when Ed scored Buck’s “Prologue” (from “Family Portraits: A Trilogy of America”), the tale of a young teenage girl, brutally attacked the year before and returning to her hometown where she will confront her attacker. The Trilogy, which garnered much attention on the festival circuit, caught the eye of producer Ed Pressman and led to Mr. Pressman hiring Doug and Ed to work on the remake of the 1973 film “Sisters” starring Chloe Sevigny and Stephen Rea. For the film, Ed scored the main theme and end titles and co-composed the score with Canadian composer and sound designer David Kristian. Ed brought in Blonde Redhead’s vocalist Kazu Makino, independent recording artist and cellist/electric cellist Gretta Cohn, and a vintage Moog synthesizer, paying homage to the seventies nature of the original. Variety Online gave the two composers quite a compliment when they compared the score to its predecessor, which had been composed by Bernard Herrmann.

In addition to his Emmy Award for “Another World,” he has won for “As the World Turns,” “All My Children” and “Guiding Light.” At “Guiding Light” Ed met Jonathan Firstenberg and the two collaborated on projects for Bruton Music, with Ed co-composing the highly successful Tension Realm production music cd. Tension Realm has been played all over the world on film and television projects, including NFL Football, 48 Hours, Oprah, Dr. Phil, documentaries, film trailers and advertising campaigns.

Everything from twentieth century jazz, electronic, pop, and rock ’n’ roll can find its way into Ed’s writing. Musically he is equally comfortable writing orchestral cues, playing jazz piano, creating lavish electronic soundscapes or simply rocking out on his Les Paul. For Ed, his love of music is steeped in his many influences and diversity is his key.