Hi listeners, I just put up two new tracks on my “samples” page:

One is a techno dance number titled, um… “techno dance” – I got ambitious here, if not with the title, certainly with the production; 4 tracks of guitar, piano, lots of xfx and a lot of thrashing drums – it’s one of my first post- soap productions and I think I’m just washing off the suds.

The second piece is titled “Goo” – it’s a dark tension, atmospheric track with a lot of distortion – distorted guitars, pitchy (bitchy) bass and a chorused piano – get it? Goo? … things sort of flow in and out of tune. While it sounds nothing alike, I got the inspiration from watching the masterful “wait until dark”, the 1967 Audrey Hepburn horror classic featuring one of Henry Mancini’s simplest and most effective scores – two pianos tuned a quarter tone apart backed up by a small orchestra – chilling.

I bought a new amp back in May, a DrZ 18watt tube amp – between that and a raft of new (and my old vintage) xfx pedals, I’ve been going to town – kinda fun. I’m playing my Les Paul and Yamaha acoustic piano (a C5), a LOT (I’ll be writing about staying in shape on two instruments – it ain’t easy).

I’m entering into a new phase of my career and I’m pretty excited about it – I’ll be allowed to write and produce in many different formats and styles while building new relationships. Next year should be quite interesting – more to say as things gel in that department. 😉